For too long e-mails, instant messages, web pages and documents have been unable to fully communicate the subtleties of sarcasm. Text delivered without intonation fail to represent the rare form of language where the intended meaning is the opposite of the written word.

Over the internet we yell at each other with ALL CAPS and emphasize with bold and italics, but where is sarcasm? Where is the nuance, the elegance? We say it is time for a change. It's time for a revolution. It's time for a new font style!

Seriously though, have some fun with it. See our usage guide and find out what you can do to spread the word. I know you'll be at the forefront of the movement...


Are you a skilled or semi-skilled fontographer with enough time and desire to help your fellow humans better communicate through sarcasm? We want you. Join us and help bring sarcasm to the electronic age. Create new and exciting sarcastic fonts for together we can change the world!

Featured Font

Arial Sarcastic

This is my first rendition of a Sarcastic font. It's rough, but we'll soon find a new recruit to do a cleaner job.

Installation Instructions


The Sarcastic Font movement was launched in 2002. In 2011, interns at BBH Labs came up with Sartalics. A method to achieve the same sarcastic fonty goodness utilizing some simple CSS. This method is far easier to implement on the web.

The Sartalics team's research also turned up an even earlier proposal for this same font style. H.L. Mencken, frustrated by American audiences that weren't understanding his sarcasm, mused that he would like a typewriter with left-leaning text to make his meaning clearer.

Technology marches on!